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With Our virtual learning, you’ll see your child’s confidence soar.

We use our 13 years of experience of helping thousands of students succeed to make sure your child masters any skill. You don’t have to settle for second best!

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Why Personalized Virtual Learning

Your children don’t all learn in the same way, so why deliver instructions in the same way?

Providing each student with a tailored instructional experience that is paced to individual needs is critical to his or her success.

Our programs are uniquely designed to support all students’ academic journeys at the pace they need to succeed.

Personalize every child’s educational journey

Our Programs

Our Specialized One-on-One Coaching Programs

Accelerated Reading for Kids

Ready is a personalized one-on-one coaching program which is a great fit if your child is struggling with reading scores, confidence, or simply if your child needs help improving skills up to grade level. Results guaranteed!​

Head start to Math

Math for Early Learners!
Personalized Virtual ONE-ON-ONE Math coaching for children.

Personalized Math Program for Children based on Stanford University's Development and Research in Early Math Education​.

Public Speaking & Communication 

The program along with public speaking and communication development, focuses on building the essential 21st century skills in order for your child to survive and succeed in the modern era.

MiniME Live - Virtual Preschool

MiniMe-Live is the first ever Virtual Preschool that has been established to help toddlers and pre-schoolers to learn and develop academic skills with expert guidance while they are at the safety of their homes.

Reader Bees - Virtual Book Club

Welcome to Reader Bees Virtual Book Club for Kids where we encourage young readers to discover great books, share new stories, explore important topics, and have some bookish fun!

Total Development Program

Builds on your child’s cognition, social interaction and emotional regulation, speech and communication, physical skills, confidence, sensory awareness, motor skills and more!

Bridge to School

TDP Bridge to School Interview Skills course offers insight into what children are assessed on and prepare them accordingly.

Home Schooling Support

Homeschooling Support where we take on the responsibility of your child's academic learning. Structured for kids 4 - 12 years, a total package of Science, Math, English and Reading and more.

Your child's academic success starts with us

We have earned a rating of 4.9 out of 5 on average review from parents.
As the largest personalized coaching company in the country, we have been accepted as trusted learning partners in thousands of homes across the country and are proven to deliver success in all programs we coach.


My sister's child had delays and was constantly bullied because of that. I just came across them on Facebook and now my niece is a totally different and confident person after attending their Total Development Sessions.


I would like to express my sincere gratitude to you for preparing my child for a lifetime success. I'm so grateful to Ms. Thahani and all the teachers for their patience, enthusiasm and passion. I really appreciate your hard work. Specially Mr. Yasmin for creating this opportunity and for everyone who have contributed to my child's growth and curiosity for learning. I value your work so much.


A shout-out to 'Aunty Jackie' (as fondly known by my son) and to the MLS team! During this pandemic period from 2020 they brought out the best in my son and kept him occupied through various online events organized for Halloween, Christmas and fathers day. Mainly he joined for the reading programme last year and not only does he read well for a 5 year old he actually enjoys reading. They really do learn through fun! Thank you once again for all the dedication shown.


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